Current Artists

• Shackman
• Burtoni
• Silverfox (very first person to rent space)
• F-Time
• Wyoming Mofo
• And one guest spot

About the Studio

The Shackmansion studio was established in 2009 by Brian Scmitt (aka Shackman) in Colorado’s Denver/Highlands area. The first location was set up as a glass gallery in the front of the building and a flame-working studio in the rest of the area. Around 2011 Shackman moved the studio to a larger location in Arvada, CO. Leaving the gallery behind, Shackman built his new location as a larger flame-working studio with seven workstations and two lathes.

Along with making amazing pieces of glass art, the members of the Mansion are big movie buffs, love video games and are often accompanied by their dogs to work. On an average day you can walk into the “Mansion” and will be greeted by a pack of 3 or 4 of their dogs!